Feminine and Masculine energy:

Moments of Reconciliation and Integration by Isabella Magdala ©

Article published in Natural Magazine

We all have feminine and masculine energy within, we all have an inner desire for peace and reconciliation that leads us to seek and seek to live better by healing that which limits us. However, most of us forget again and again that the only place where we have to return is to the center, to the uterus or hara, to the entrails that inhabit in the depths of our being where all our ancestral wisdom resides, both our own wisdom and that of our lineage.

The feminine and the masculine understood in the western duality are two forces walking separately as a string with two ends, each of which pulls towards the other pole till sometimes, it breaks apart, leaving pieces in its way. In this moment where the resurgence of a healthy masculinity roars loudly and the need for a woman at peace with herself is everywhere, duality begins to be unity and balance. The broken pieces are being mended in commitment and responsibility to both, oneself and the life that one leads.

There was a time far from the current one, where were led to believe that our life was in the hands of circumstances, but now, every day we are becoming more aware that we are the co-creators of our existence and our personal, mental and emotional power has an unmatched ability. The string is transformed into an elastic band that allows flexibility and the flow of life, a healthy feminine that walks with a sacred masculine. Over here is where we begin to remember that feminine and masculine are born to convene /to meet each other. The wars that we starred may end up by honouring both our peers as well as people of the opposite sex. If we honour another woman, we honour our feminine side (regardless you being male or female and beyond your sexual orientation).

If we honour another man, we are honouring our masculine side (regardless you being male or female and beyond your sexual orientation). This elasticity and plasticity is reflected in a vigorous and free health, vibrant chakras that radiate joy and fulfilment, materialization of wealth and confidence. In certain cultures, the feminine is flowing, the water, that which receives, creativity, and the masculine is the fire, directionality, presence, materialization. Both energies are within you, whether you are male or female and beyond any sexual preference, in this sense we are talking about energy. When you learn to realize their dance, their act of love / lovemaking, his communion within yourself, you will easily find yourself living in the fullness and alliance of the sacred couple.

The practice of love towards yourself in everyday life is one of the most necessary medicines in our times. I invite you right now you go to a mirror and look at you, observe yourself and feel yourself. Love every cell of your body, accept every part of you, recognize all your parts and love them with an open heart. Forget any exigence, limitation or expectation. Open your heart and fall in love with yourself. Observe yourself with a look of love, desire and passion. Feel fulfilled and vibrant. Connect with this feeling and radiate it back wherever you go. The universe moves by vibration, no need to speak, your vibration will emanate your so needed frequency all around you. This will be a true act of love.

We were educated to the look «outside» and the intention is to return «inside». Since we were children we were invited to please and be likeable to others, it is time to like-us and please-us. Many relationships where the female and male energies were lived as two separate energies, they needed each other to exist. Far from that conception, we can envision both energies within each being, we can go for that act of love at internal and profound level and from there, share your energy with the person you feel and how you choose, from a personal choice based on your freedom instead of a need which will only attract dependence and eventually, a certain difficulty to love from a place of fullness. If you have the courage to explore both your energies to finally become one, you will not need anyone because you have you, every day of the year, every hour. And of course you will like to love and to be loved but from a place of the abundance, fulfilment, peace, high energy and sacredness. From that vibrational place it will be easy to find your equal. Relationships based on self-aware people work. Relationships based on delusions, dependencies and needs, fortunately break.

Love is directional in a common path, not from exigence but from freedom of choice, it is sweet, it is healthy. Any act of sacrifice, even if it is socially accredited is not healthy. Nobody said that growing is always easy as sometimes we have to face acts that we avoid. Remember that after that act of courage there is always a great reward.

Love makes you laugh, dis-love makes you suffer. If you listen to songs, you can observe the continuous invitation to a love that allows suffering, if you are in any given conversation you can guess that social acceptance, but all this can change. Simply trust that part of you that thinks and feels that healthy Love exists, go there and let it brew within you. Even if you are in a relationship, there are always aspects that you can transform into more love.

With this article I wish you dare to give yourself the world you feel, joining your creative side to give yourself joy in every aspect of your life (feminine energy) with the specific direction of ‘in what aspects’ you would like to do the transformation and realization (masculine energy) of that act of love (merging of the two energies). Thanks to your happiness you will impregnate your whole environment with that vibration, sharing that ‘everyday medicine’ wherever you go, so each of us can inject a dose of Love in each heart, and heart by heart, we transform the world into Oneness, Balance and Peace.

Isabella Magdala: Creator of Method The Mysteries of the Feminine for Men and Women. Writer and Psychologist, for over a decade, she supports people through its forms and sexuality.


Translated by Lourdes Perez